I’ve been Trolling With Logic

So I mentioned in my last post that I was recently interviewed on the excellent Trolling With Logic Show about my book, Building your Skeptical Toolkit, and skepticism in general. Well, for those of you who missed it, that interview is now available to watch on Youtube.

Now I’ll admit I can’t bring myself to watch it, I cringe at the thought of seeing myself on video, but by all accounts it went pretty well, despite me being incredibly nervous before hand and feeling out of my depth on more than one occasion. All the guys on the panel were great and I really enjoyed talking to them all. Plus they all seemed to really like my book which was so great to hear. So if you want to hear me wittering on about skepticism for well over an hour then head on over to Youtube or see the video below. Then be sure to go check out the other great stuff the Trolling With Logic team have done.

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