The Blight

They are cats.
They are proud, independent, intelligent, deadly, and brave.
And they make their own choices.

Brash and self-assured, ginger tomcat Marmalade thinks he has the world figured out. He is the master of his territory, has a family he loves, and is more than a match for anything that might come his way. Or so he thinks. For a new threat has descended upon the peaceful village of Whilsden, a threat that the humans cannot see, a threat that puts the lives of all the village children at risk.

With everything he holds dear on the line, Marmalade is catapulted into a life or death race for answers. With his dwindling troop of animal allies he plunges headlong into a terrifying world of violence, danger, and heartbreak. For there are monsters out there in the dark, and when night falls they will strike again, and this time no one will be safe.

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Little Words of Wisdom

A Few Simple Words Can Change A Life Forever

For years, widower Steve Lander has attempted to cope with his profound grief by throwing himself into his unusual hobby, making fortune cookies and filling them with the ideas and advice that pop into his head. But when a detective from the Metropolitan police turns up at his door, demanding to know why his fortune cookies keep turning up at crime scenes, Steve is forced to re-evaluate everything he knows about life, death, love, and family.

Pulled from his quiet country life to the bustle and hubbub of London, Steve finds himself embroiled in a peculiar treasure hunt, one that will bring him into contact with friends old and new, put the lives of loved ones and strangers in his hands, and draw him ever closer to the unseen presence that guides his steps.

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Building Your Skeptical Toolkit

Around the world belief in the paranormal and pseudoscience is running rampant. 40% of people in the UK believe in haunted houses, governments employ dowsing devices to detect bombs and people give away all they have in the belief that the world is about to end…again. In this modern age it seems we need reason and critical thinking skills more than ever.

Building your Skeptical Toolkit will help equip you with the tools you will need to start exploring this amazing world of ours as it really is and accurately enable you to evaluate the claims of psychics, conspiracy theorists and everyone in between. It will help you to see behind the myths and trickery, the fake science and unfounded claims, that fill our modern lives and discover the amazing and beautiful reality that lies beyond.

“Dart has hit the bullseye. Everyone who reads this book will find new dimensions in the world around them, that previously seemed impenetrable and insoluble. It’s an amazing place, once Dart shows you how to see past the roadblocks put up by your own brain.”

Brian Dunning,

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Why is the Sky Blue?

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Well Lilly has and her Uncle Joe is all to happy to help her find the answer. Join Lilly and Uncle Joe as they investigate the real science behind what makes the sky blue in this full colour children’s book aimed at kids aged 5-7.

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