Cambridge Skeptics Discuss: Conspiracy Theories

Back on the 18th May 2021 I lead a discussion on the psychology of conspiracy theories with the rest of the Cambridge Skeptics team.

Cambridge Skeptics are a not-for-profit community organisation, founded to promote science, positive skepticism and critical thinking skills via public engagement.


Links from the talk:

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories – Karen Douglas et al, 2017

Conspiracy theories as part of history: The role of societal crisis situations – Jan-Willem van Prooijen & Karen M Douglas, 2017

Understanding Conspiracy Theories – Karen Douglas et al, 2019

Popular COVID-19 conspiracies linked to vaccine ‘hesitancy’ – University of Cambridge, 2020

Brexit and Trump voters more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, survey study shows – University of Cambridge, 2018

More than 1 in 3 Americans believe a ‘deep state’ is working to undermine Trump – Mallory Newall, 2020

Conjunction fallacy – Wikipedia

Dunning–Kruger effect – Wikipedia

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