And you thought the Peer Review process was tough

Have you ever wondered what Darwin and Einstein would look like if there were transported into a 16-bit Street Fighter style fighting game? Sorry, what am I thinking, of course you have. Well, thanks to the work of artist Diego Sanchez now you can find out. As part of a game under development by Superinteressante magazine, entitled Science Combat, these animations give us a chance to what famous scientists Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Pythagoras would look like if they used their scientific discoveries to kick some ass.

There are some great moves on show. Hawking definitely has the most creative attacks, and Tesla looks like a real badass with his electricity based attacks, but personally I love Darwin and Einstein, both for the clever special moves they have and because they are so instantly recognisable. Let me know who your favourite is.



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